"Shikmim"'s proactive response to the termination of their lease was to initiate a capital campaign to build their own facility on land that they have already purchased in Nes Ziona, (one mile north of the Weizman Institute) which has approved zoning. The land is centrally located in the community, conveniently meeting the vocational and recreational needs of the residents. 

Plans for the facility have been drawn up by architects specializing in constructing buildings in the community which accommodate persons with disabilities. The plans are in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Social Services, and have been duly approved by the municipality.


In order to receive a bank loan, the Almog family mortgaged their property in the agricultural community of Bet Oved, and the purchase of the land was completed with the help of a group of parents who were recruited to the cause and donated money.


The cost of the purchase of the land and the construction of the facility is estimated at NIS 9 million ($2.5 million), of which roughly NIS 2.9 million ($ 800.000) was paid for the purchase of the land in the heart of Nes Ziona. The National Insurance Institute of Israel and the "Shalem" Foundation is providing nearly  NIS 4.5 million ($1.25 million) for the building of the house.



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"Shikmim" is seeking to raise NIS 2.9 million ($800.000) to complete the funding package needed for the construction.

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Your  valued support can be acknowledged as dedication opportunities are available at all levels.


Shikmim house construction budget:

"Shikmim"- The Educational  Agricultural  Institution (the organization's original name) Rgistered Number 4509319 is a public, non-profit institution. All donations are recognized for tax purposes.


"Shikmim"- is a beneficiary of P.E.F Israel Endowment Funds, Inc., the American nonprofit conduit of charitable contributions recognized for tax purposes.


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Building Shikmim House

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